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The RADHAR consortium at the kick-off meeting [ More press and media material ]

RADHAR will develop a driving assistance system that (1) seamlessly fuses uncertain environment perception and uncertain driver perception and modelling, and that (2) makes navigation decisions based on these uncertain sources:

  • The RADHAR framework does so by estimating the trajectory the driver has in mind for the mobile robot, and adopts this estimated driving intention for safe navigation with a level of shared control adjusted to the user's capabilities and desires. This requires lifelong, unsupervised but safe learning by the robot. As a consequence, a continuous interaction between two learning systems (the robot and the user) will emerge, hence the project's acronym RADHAR: Robotic ADaptation to Humans Adapting to Robots.
  • The framework will be demonstrated on a robotic wheelchair platform that navigates in an everyday environment with everyday objects.
  • Amongst others, RADHAR targets as scientific outcomes online 3D perception combining laser scanners and vision with traversability analysis of the terrain, and a novel paradigm for fusing environment and user perception and for safe robot navigation.


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1 August 2010 - 31 July 2013


European Commission (FP7-ICT-248873)