I recently found myself amazed at how the two major AR development companies, Magic Leap and Metaio are now working together to improve AR. In this short article I want to explain why they have come together to create a much better technology. I will also show you why this technology is very important to all of us.

It started when Magic Leap’s CEO Rony Abovitz called Metaio CEO John Calhoun and told him that they would work together to make augmented reality a reality. They talked about the AR development companies, the global landscape, how they can move forward, how they can give consumers an easier time with AR, and how they could help each other by selling products together.

You can read more about this and see the Metaio website at their website. There they have articles from the Metaio blog and articles from John Calhoun’s blog.

Rony thought that Metaio could help him and that he could bring a new element to the industry through the use of Metaio’s light field technology. He brought this up because Metaio has a new light field technology, the LumiFlow, that is showing a lot of promise in a variety of different applications.

At this point, Rony and John were already aware of the ways that Metaio had been able to build a platform with the Metaio SDK to help developers become more successful with AR and build augmented reality experiences using the Metaio SDK. So they set out to ask if the Metaio SDKs could also be used by them to build AR experiences.

However, before they could go into specifics, John informed them that the LumiFlow was only used in Metaio’s Light Field Technology and would not be used at all in the Metaio SDKs. This seemed to surprise Rony and John as they thought that Metaio would not only add the LumiFlow to the SDKs but also use the same Light Field technology.

But according to John, there was just one thing that he was concerned about, and that was that there would be many misunderstandings and false rumors that the Light Field Technology could be used to create AR. John did not want to be the bearer of bad news as this would happen.

So they discussed the idea with John and Rony and they thought it was a great idea and they both agreed that they would use the same Light Field Technology in their SDKs so that there would be no confusion. So that was how the Light Field Technology got added to the Metaio SDKs and now there is a light field SDK built into Magic Leap’s and Metaio’s SDKs.

With both companies now using the same SDK, all that was left was to open their SDK’s so that they could both include the Light Field Technology within their SDKs. They were able to do this, they just wanted to be sure that they were going to get the exact same implementation so that they would know that they would not have to go through the months of negotiations and lawsuits.

It was a huge deal because they are both a very new company and they have only been around for about a year and a half. There had been many false rumors that they were going to create a new layer of their own with their own proprietary technology.

Now with this new layer of interoperability between the two companies, the tech-savvy consumers will benefit. A great new technology is now on the way and it will open up a whole new world of possibilities for the consumer.

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